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Super addictive number puzzle game. Play it, you’re smarter than you think!

“Best Free Android Game of the Week”

In SUMICO you make sums to score points. Find the right numbers and operators to make the target. The longer your sum, the more points you earn. But beware: use too many tiles and you won’t be able to make the next target.

It’s super fun and addictive, so definitely give it a try and ask for a review copy. We think you’ll like it. You start making sums like 3 + 4. Then it escalates to something like this: 3 + 4 x 5 – 5 / 10. And you’ll be proud. Because you just found out you’re actually way smarter than you think.

SUMICO the numbers game features two modes:
• Campaign Mode – 72 levels, from the easy introduction to brain bending challenges
• Endless Mode – Keep hitting the targets and improve your high score

SUMICO the numbers game launches on Android on August 13 and on iOS in September 2014. More platforms will be announced soon.

“Finally, something for anyone who’s been enjoying number-puzzle games like Threes! in recent months”
–The Guardian

“SUMICO is a breath of fresh air after digging through mountains of unoriginality.”

“Tremendous fun and addictive.”


SUMICO is the brainchild of a journalist and a developer. The journalist had interviewed the developer a couple of time before they entered a game jam together. They did not finish the game for that jam, but managed to create the first prototype of what was to become SUMICO.

The developer we’re talking about is Joris Dormans, creator of the popular game design tools Machinations (for which he earned his PhD), co-founder of LUDOMOTION and popular speaker at developers conferences like the GDC in San Francisco and GDC Europe. LUDOMOTION’s debut game Bezircle was featured during Google I/O 2014.

The journalist, Matthijs Dierckx, co-founded game development magazine Control Magazine in 2008. Since then the magazine has become the prime source of industry information for the Benelux game developers community. Last year’s Control Conference boasted speakers from studios such as BUNGIE, 343 Studios, CD Projekt RED and Vlambeer. Control is also organising partner of the Dutch Game Awards, for which SUMICO is obviously not eligible.


LUDOMOTION & Matthijs Dierckx
Utrecht, the Netherlands


Press / Business Contact:


LUDOMOTION • Advancing Games
Neude 5
3512 AD Utrecht
The Netherlands

+ (31) 8 77 84 44 23




Art & Photos

LUDOMOTION is the studio and publisher of SUMICO

Joris Dormans’ famous game design tool

Control Magazine (Dutch)
The developer magazine of which Matthijs Dierckx is co-founder and publisher

Team & Collaborators

Joris Dormans
Game Design, Programming, Art, Animation

Matthijs Dierckx
Game & Level Design, Music (Main Menu), Audio Design

Koen Bollen
Engine and Backend Programming

Dick Grinwis
Art Direction

Bart Delissen
Additional Music (report)

Stephan van der Feest (Ludomotion)

Javier Sancho (Ludomotion)

Hendrik Visser (Ludomotion)